The History Behind Oregon's Capital & A Pioneering Spirit

Trappers and farmers established some of the earliest permanent settlements in the Willamette Valley region, nestled between the Cascade and Coast mountain here for the complete storyline.

Salem's Riverfront Park -- One Park, Many Sights

Bounding the historic downtown district to the west is Salem's Riverfront Park. Breathtaking views of the river combine with opportunities for outdoor concerts and community events in this picturesque here for the complete storyline.

Fun for the Entire Family

A neighbor to Salem's Riverfront Park is A.C. Gilbert's Discovery Village. This hands-on children's museum appeals to many generations of people who enjoyed A.C. Gilbert's Erector Set and numerous other here for the complete storyline.

The Local Arts Appeal

Salem's visual and performing arts community is active throughout the here for the complete storyline.

Native American Influence

The Kalapuya Native Americans were the first to reside in what is now Salem. An estimated 80,000 Kalapuya resided in the Willamette Valley and would travel from the Willamette River to gather wild foods such as camas, wapato, and tarweed, and would hunt for here for the complete storyline.

Fun Activities -- via al fresco

Outdoor activities abound in and near Salem. With the Willamette River flowing through the city, there are many opportunities for water sports ~ from water-skiing to kayaking and canoeing to fishing for Trout and here for the complete storyline.

Weird and Wonderful

A few unusual sights can be found West of Salem off Highway 18. Although these sights are well known to residents in the area, they continue to attract a lot of attention and generate questions from here for the complete storyline.

Culinary -- Your taste buds will thank us

Oregon's Willamette Valley was a magnet for pioneers seeking rich soils, a mild climate and a healthy growing season for food here for the complete storyline.

Fruit of the Vine

Salem's surrounding countryside is home to vineyards and wineries whose wines compete with the finest vintages of Europe's Alsace, Burgundy and Rhine here for the complete storyline.

Out and About with the Girls

Home to the only Nordstrom between San Francisco and Portland, and situated just off I-5, Salem is a key shopping destination for the Willamette Valley; perfect for a retreat with the girlfriends. From major names in retail to unique shops with local products, Salem has it here for the complete storyline.

A Photographer's Dream -- Vibrant Gardens

It is little wonder that the Salem area is fortunate to have so many fine gardens. Favorable climatic conditions and the expertise of the people involved in these gardens have led to a rich diversity in design and plant here for the complete storyline.

Interesting Characters

Jim Bernau -- A Grower's Passion

The Early Days - As a native Oregonian, Jim Bernau's love of wine started at the young age of 12. His father, a big booster of new enterprises, did legal work for many small start-ups and often brought home samples of their here for the complete bio.

Roger Tofte -- The Enchanted Forest Story

About the Creator - Roger Tofte, born in 1930 in Chipawa Falls, Wisconsin, moved to Astoria, Oregon when he was 5 years old. In his junior year in high school, he moved to Silverton, Oregon where he graduated from Silverton High here for the complete bio.

Mileage & Fast Facts

Mileage & Fast Facts

Salem is Oregon's state capital and the government seat of Marion here for the complete information sheet.

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