McMenamins Thompson Brewery & Public House

In 1905, when the South Salem Hills were planted in orchards, a splendid house was built along the market road to Eugene as a dwelling for Civil War vet Franklin Thompson, now known as McMenamins Thompson Brewery & Public House. It has the distinction as the first brewery in Salem to be established post-Prohibition. A succession of brewers with big, strong personalities have created a number of beers with big, strong personalities. Black Widow Porter, featuring a healthy dose of black licorice, is one such brew of distinction. The Widow (as well as a sweet woodruff-infused version known as the Black Widower) still ventures out into the light every year around Halloween.
Is it any surprise that Thompson’s interior echoes with the laughter of an old friend? Nothing, it seems, hangs heavy in the air in this comfortable, century-old building. There's always a welcoming easiness extending to all. The deck at the Thompson is a perfect place to enjoy a meal and a house made McMenamins pint.
Thompson's Annual Barley Cup Brewfest is held every June and is sure to delight with live music on the patio and a variety of beers & ciders from McMenamins and guests alike.

Open: Sun.-Tues. 11 am-10 pm; Wed.-Thurs.; Fri.-Sat. 11am-1 am

3575 Liberty Rd.
Salem, OR