At 1859 Cider Co., we do things differently. Our back to basics philosophy brings you the connection to the land that the fruit was grown. We don’t use concentrates, added acids, water, sugar, honey, sweeteners, or syrups in any of our ciders. Instead, we showcase nature’s annual flavor variations in carefully selected local fruit. 

Visit our taproom in historic downtown Salem and sample all our limited release ciders. As downtown Salem’s first and only alcohol producers since 1953, we’re proud to bring you seven generations of heritage in Salem, Oregon. Taste the true connection of pure cider from the tree, not from a recipe. 

Open: Tues.-Thurs. 5-10 pm; Fri.-Sun. 3 pm-12 am. Mon.- Closed.  

In the alley at 249 Liberty St. NE #140
Salem, OR  97301