A separate form must be completed for each event. Events that fit the criteria below will be posted within one month of the submission date.


  • Located in Salem, Marion County or Polk County
  • Located outside Marion or Polk County, within 50 miles of Salem ~ members only
  • Open to the public and of interest to visitors
  • Not a class, meeting, convention or ceremony
  • Not for religious, political, personal, pornographic, or propaganda purposes


Please complete the fields below in order to have your event(s) listed on the TravelSalem.com event calendar. Thank you for providing us with this valuable information. We appreciate only the submission of events that fit the above criteria. Once submitted, your event will go through an approval and editing process to insure it meets the TravelSalem.com event criteria. If your event doesn't fit the criteria you will receive an email notification.

Events that are submitted close to the actual event date(s) may not be posted in time. If your event happens before it is posted to the calendar, you will not be notified. Please allow a month or more lead time so your event can receive the maximum exposure.

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To insure accuracy please email [email protected] with your updated event information (include: title & date of your event, the changes and a phone number to reach you).

Thank you,
TravelSalem.com Staff

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Does your event qualify as a MAJOR annual event? You must meet 4 or more of the following criteria to be included:

  • Open to the public with 2,000 or more people in attendance.
  • Offer exhibitor booths.
  • Operate at least 2 days or more than 2 consecutive “Saturdays” during a season.
  • Located in Salem, Marion County or Polk County.
  • Telephone number to be published.

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By typing your name above you confirm that: you and your business/organization have the right to publish all of the content (e.g. copy, video, images) that you have provided to Travel Salem; and that Travel Salem is accepting this content with that understanding. Furthermore, you verify that your business meets the above mentioned criteria. If there are any changes to your listing information, you will contact Travel Salem within 7 working days. Travel Salem cannot guarantee accuracy without your notification of changes.

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