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Located in the heart of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, Salem is a friendly and welcoming city … and we’re ready to host your event!

  • Location, Location, Location!

    • Salem is located conveniently off of I-5, the main interstate running north and south through the Willamette Valley
    • Salem is 60 miles, roughly one hour, from the Portland International Airport and Amtrak is located in the center of Salem close to all venues
    • Salem is tucked between the Cascade Mountains and the Coastal Range along the Willamette River; the elevation and cool Pacific breezes work to produce the ideal climate for outdoor events held during the summer and early fall
  • Salem boasts a first-rate selection of beautifully maintained sports facilities and venues
  • Salem is home to an abundant park system. The crown jewels of the park system are all located downtown along the Willamette River, including Salem’s Riverfront Park, Wallace Marine Park and the Minto-Brown Island Park. These parks are connected by a unique bridge system, including the historic Union Pacific Pedestrian Bridge and the newly constructed Peter Courtney Minto Island Bridge. Together these parks encompass 1,037 acres of trails and natural space
  • Salem hotels offer both upscale and budget-conscious options – providing exceptional hospitality to accommodate the specific needs of athletes, teams and spectators
  • Oregon does not have a sales tax and Salem has a robust shopping scene where retail therapy is encouraged!


The Salem Area Sports Commission is equipped and energized to help make your sports event a success!

Let us help you:

  • Locate and secure lodging for athletes, teams and spectators
  • Locate and secure facilities and venues
  • Work with local governments on permitting requirements
  • Identify sponsors
  • Provide volunteers and connection with community leaders
  • Market the event through Travel Salem’s channels (i.e. social media, event calendar and public relations)

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