Am I guaranteed to be matched with a Greeter?

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that Travel Salem will match you with a greeter or be able to schedule a guided walk during your desired timeframe. The fulfillment of your request will depend on the availability of our greeters as well as our capacity to fulfill requests based on seasonality of the travel industry.

Are there other Greeters programs in other cities?

Yes! Salem Greeters is part of a prestigious international organization called the Global Greeter Network. Go to to learn about greeter programs in cities around the world and to learn how you can start a greeters program in your city.

Can I request more than one Greeter guided visit during my stay?

Since different times of the year bring a varied influx of visitors, we ask that you submit only one request for a Greeters guided walk during your visit.

How can I meet Salem Greeters?

Once your travel plans are confirmed, fill out and submit the Salem Greeters Guided Visit Request Form at least 7 days advance of your arrival.

How is a greeter different from a professional tour guide?

Greeter guided visits are a casual affair and are unscripted. Greeters are not professional or licensed guides, but they will be able to share personal anecdotes and unique perspectives about living and working in Salem. A greeter shows you around in ways a friend or family member would and may share their favorite places in the city with you. A greeter can also share tips about what to see in the area, as well as orient you on public transportation.

How much does it cost?

Salem Greeter services are offered by volunteers and are completely free of charge.

How should I dress?

We strongly recommend wearing comfortable clothes and walking shoes. Weather in Oregon is fairly mild year round but can vary widely from region to region due to the state's rich topographic diversity. We encourage you to monitor the weather in Salem prior to your visit. Dressing in layers will help you adjust to changing temperatures throughout the day.

How will I be matched with a Greeter?

Travel Salem strives to match visitors with a greeter according to the availability of our volunteers. We will also attempt to facilitate a match based on the language needs and interests of visitors.

I don't have time to go to networking events. Will I miss out on other benefits because I can't participate?

While networking is a great membership benefit, there are a lot of other benefits that don't require your participation. Some examples are listings in Travel Salem's publications, newsletter inserts and advertising leads, to name a few.

If no Greeter is available for me, can I join another group?

Greeters are not shared among groups. When a Greeter is matched with you or your group, the Greeter will meet only you or your group.

In the event I need to cancel my visit, how much notice should I give?

We strongly encourage you to honor your scheduled guided walk, but understand that emergencies and unexpected changes happen. We ask that you please contact us immediately at: [email protected], 503-581-4325, ext. 121 for any cancelations at least 48 hours in advance.

When and how will I receive confirmation details regarding my Greeter guided visit?

If a match is made before you leave home, we will email you with information about your Greeter and your guided visit.