The Value of Twitter in 2,247 Characters

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Twitter is a social networking site that allows friends, family, and co-workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of short (140 characters or less) and frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?

It has quickly evolved into a tool that businesses and organizations use to market themselves to a generation focused on obtaining information using technology.

Travel Salem has been using Twitter to communicate and stay connected with consumers and regional partners through the exchange of quick real-time updates. News, upcoming events, and promotions are some examples of what Travel Salem has been tweeting about to an audience of local, national, and international “followers” (people that follow our tweets). In addition, information sent on Twitter is displayed on a public timeline, making tweets (the message that is sent out) viewable to more than 14 million users in the U.S. alone. Talk about getting your name out there!

Travel Salem’s social media strategy using Twitter has already seen amazing results —the Travel Café coverage on KGW’s Live@7, Statesman Journal covering tweets during a recent Santiam River rafting trip, and numerous blogs written about local attractions and lodging facilities from a well-known travel writer from California.

Are you using Twitter already? Follow us at and we’ll follow back! Referencing fellow “tweeps” (people/businesses that use Twitter) on tweets enables us to package the Salem region as a whole by driving consumers that view our tweets to your businesses’ page.

Interested in “jumping on the bandwagon?” Contact Anthony Tham, Travel Salem’s Public Relations Manager, to assist you in setting up your Twitter account and for effective strategies to strengthen your brand and positively position your business or organization in front of consumers. If you’re not looking to create an account but want to be involved, you can feed us information about your business so that we can use to develop a tweet under Travel Salem’s account, which represents the Salem region. Information can range from upcoming events, news, promotions, etc. Send possible tweets to Anthony Tham, with “Twitter” on the subject line.