Salem Area Draws in Convention Business

Travel Salem's convention/group sales and marketing efforts generated $5.8 million for the community in 2008-09 by attracting 43,378 convention delegates, meeting attendees and event participants to Salem. Travel Salem markets the Salem area as a premier destination; working closely with meeting and event planners who are the key decision-makers as to where meetings/conventions/events will be held.

The Salem area is fortunate to have a diverse range of indoor facilities and outdoor spaces to market for conferences, sporting events such as softball or wrestling, RV rallies, weddings and reunions, and much more. However, it is more than the facility that attracts groups to Salem. Our location, the value of the experience, the attractions and activities, and the unparalleled service and hospitality; attract not only new business, but ensure repeat business.

Travel Salem recently pinned down the 2009 West Coast World Championship Youth Wrestling Tournament hosted by Rocky Mountain Nationals. This event will take place at the Oregon State Fair & Expo Center on December 11-12, 2009 with nearly 1,500 K-8th grade participants from across the country. Families will be accompanying these athletes and many will be experiencing Salem and Oregon for the first time. Providing these guests with visitor information to promote lodging, dining, shopping and touring is vital to their enjoyment and to the local economy.

Partnerships play a key role in pulling all the pieces together to book a convention/group to Salem. Travel Salem partners with all facilities to ensure we are aggressively promoting our destination and capturing business.

You can help boost our economy by bringing your group to Salem. Contact Travel Salem for free assistance 503-581-4325, ext. 28. Travel Salem's Travel Cafe Visitors Center is located at 181 High Street NE in vibrant downtown Salem.

~ Angie Morris, President and CEO of Travel Salem
*Originally printed in Statesman Journal, 10/18/09

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