Music Festival Electrifies a New Era of Engagement

Going into its fourth year, the Cherry City Music Festival has continued to ignite a new era of engagement among a younger generation, and brings their talents to the forefront of Salem's music scene. Last year, 142 bands participated in the Festival, attracting more than 20,000 people during what was an electrifying weekend filled with great music offered to a mix of Salem visitors.

The music these extraordinary bands play varies but their energy, creativity, passion and talent transcend all differences. These artists have worked hard at their craft; offering unique gifts of masterful sounds and experiences.  The Cherry City Music Festival gathers people interested in specific genres and unites them by serving up an array of options that expands their musical palette. The passion is contagious and many share their same enthusiasm toward independent music. They have the keen ability to influence their own generation; empowering renewed dedication to keep the vibrant arts scene alive and well in Oregon's capital city.

The Cherry City Music Festival is a perfect example of social media marketing at its best. The majority of the event is promoted through Facebook, Twitter, blogs and word of mouth. Using these social networking sites, an online community of local and national fans interested in the Festival is weaved together months prior to the event. All of the volunteers for the festival are also found through these avenues, building buzz about the festival!

The 4th annual Cherry City Music Festival will take place April 8-10, 2010 at venues throughout Salem. Registration for the bands will take place at Travel Salem's Travel Cafe. For more information about the Cherry City Music Festival, visit, or for information about other Salem area events, visit

~ Angie Morris, president and CEO of Travel Salem
*Originally printed in Statesman Journal, 3/28/10

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