AbsolutelyTix: Ticketing Outlet for Events or Tour Admissions

The new year is just underway, which means a new year of events, art exhibits, theater performances, movie showings, and more! Your one-stop source for ticketing needs is AbsolutelyTix, a state-of-the-art network for Marion and Polk Counties. AbsolutelyTix allow consumers to easily purchase tickets at the Travel Cafe or online, and provides a single source of online information about upcoming local shows and events. 

More than 29 partners (and growing) - local arts organizations, non-profits, and other community organizations - have partnered with Travel Salem to sell tickets and transact other business over the Internet. Some partners include: Oregon Symphony Association in Salem, Willamette University Theatre, Salem Chamber Orchestra, and Salem Film Festival. Tickets for events, theater performances, concerts and more from our AbsolutelyTix partners are available for purchase online and at the Travel Cafe (181 High St. NE, Salem). Visit AbsolutelyTix.com for a complete list of upcoming events, shows, and performances.

Those interested in partnering with Travel Salem to promote events and sell tickets through the AbsolutelyTix network should contact Barb Cowan at bcowan@TravelSalem.com or 503-581-4325, ext. 21.

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